Open & Pony Club Dressage & Show Jumping & Clear Round Evening

STILL NO RAIN! Wednesday 11th July Evening event.
DRESSAGE arenas will be watered for the event.
SHOW JUMPING & CLEAR ROUND arena we’re unable to water, so have decided that we will NOT RUN ANY SHOW JUMPING or CLEAR ROUND on 11TH JULY. Hopefully it will rain before next show jumping due on 1st August 

Dressage for all! Classes from Intro to Elementary and Pony Club Novice 2018 and Pony Club Intermediate 2013. There’s also Clear Round jumping from 5-7pm, followed by 70cm Open Show Jumping an then 80cm. Clear round is only £6 which you can pay at the ringside and you can pre-enter or enter-on-the-day for the classes – £10 per class. The jumping is held in our well maintained grass arena and our really lovely stewards are always on hand to give encouraging words to help you get those ribbons!

Please note! Pony Club tests are Novice 2018 and Intermediate 2013

Please find dressage results HERE!

Dressage - Daniella Ward riding Toronto

For more information please see our Omnibus schedule!